We're delighted you want to register on our new FAS member website.

Before you register, please read these important notes

You’ll need your FAS reference number to register an account on this website.

We’ve previously sent a letter to you containing your FAS reference number and our new contact details. Your FAS reference is an eight digit number proceeded by the letters FAS. For example, FAS12345678.

Security Codes

  • You'll also need a security code to register on this website. We use security codes to keep your personal information safe online. You'll receive these security codes on the phone number you enter during registration as a text, or as a voice message if you're using your landline.
  • A security code can only be used once. You should delete the first security code you used after registration. You'll receive a unique security code every time you log in.
  • A security code is only valid for ten minutes. If your code expires, you'll need to generate another one.

  • If you are using your landline, please make sure you can receive text messages. Otherwise your security code won't come through. 
  • You can choose anything as your username, as long as it's easily remembered by you. We recommend you use your email address. If at any time you forget your username you'll need to call us on 0330 678 0000 or +44 (0)208 406 2121 if you’re overseas.

If you're happy to proceed, please select the registration button below.