FAQs on Overpayments


When an overpayment is discovered, we aim to work with the member to agree a reasonable repayment plan.

This usually involves repayment as a lump sum, where it's affordable, or repayment over a longer period, by reducing the amount we pay to you each month or by paying the amount in monthly installments. 

If you receive a letter from us letting you know that you've been overpaid, or if you discover it yourself, please get in touch with us as soon as you can so that we can discuss all of the options available to you.

Because the FAS is funded by taxpayers' money, we need to ask for overpayments to be repaid in line with the principles set out in HM Treasury's Managing Public Money Publications.

We recognise that asking for overpayments to be repaid can be unwelcome, and we want to treat our members appropriately. So, if we find that you’ve been overpaid, we’ll aim to work with you to agree a reasonable repayment plan.

If you die before you have repaid your total overpayment from your future FAS payments, the outstanding overpayment will not be recovered from your Estate.

No. On death, your survivor’s payment will be calculated based on your FAS payment before any deduction of overpayment. Any outstanding overpayment won’t be recovered from your survivor’s lifetime payments or from your Estate.

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